An overview of partners with whom the World Water Academy works.

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World Water Academy has established partnerships with the following organisations or consortia in the international water sector:

  • World Waternet
    World Waternet and World Water Academy (both organisations in The Netherlands) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on skills development and training of professionals in the water sector of South Africa in May 2014. World Water Academy and World Waternet have already worked closely together in several capacity development initiatives in South Africa.

  • Centre of Expertise:
    The Centre of Expertise is an initiative by eThekwini Water & Sanitation and various Dutch partners: Vitens Evides International, World Waternet, Your Man on Site and World Water Academy. The Centre of Expertise aims to match the South African water knowledge and technology needs with the Dutch water knowledge and innovations. Targets for the Centre of Expertise are to improve the performance of Southern African peer utilities and assist them in implementing these innovations, best practices and technologies. World Water Academy is the Capacity Development and Training expert in this cooperation.

  • National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management in Romania:
    World Water Academy established a partnership with National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management in Romania in January 2014. Main aim is to come to common projects on capacity development and trainings. This is a follow-up of a project which was executed in 2011.

  • Dutch Water Sector:
    Find here some project descriptions of projects by the World Water Academy

  • Aquavet:
    A strategic partnership that aims to improve the water efficiency technologies skills of the European water industry workforce (target group: plumbers and installers) through the promotion of long term cooperation of relevant stakeholders.The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and is a 3yrs transnational project with leading organization Promea (Greece) and partners: World Water Academy (WWA, Netherlands), National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies (NSAET, United Kingdom), Confederacion Nacional de Asociaciones de Instaladores y Fluidos (CONAIF, Spain) and National Institute of Labour and Human Resources (NILHR, Greece).

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