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News flash AquaDactics accreditation

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2017 | March 2017

Dear water professional,

We are proud to announce that AquaDactics has been awarded with the prestigious Skills Development Provider Accreditation.

This accreditation was granted by the Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA) in South Africa. EWSETA is a skills development authority serving the energy and water sectors. It is one of 21 Sector Education and Training Authorities SETAs established in South Africa in terms of the Skills Development Act of 1998 – amended. It plays a crucial function in ensuring that the National Skills and Development Strategy is executed within the energy and water sectors. EWSETA’s responsibility is to manage the skills development through strategic sector skills planning within the framework of the National Skills Development Strategy III.

AquaDactics had followed several procedures and assessments to meet the accreditation requirements. This certificate shows that AquaDactics has a basic level of quality in their training programmes and courses.  It also ensures that these programmes will be recognized by the energy and water sectors in South Africa.

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AquaDactics is a local NPO (Not for Profit Organisation). Our products and services are delivered in a cost-effective way. Our surplus is used to develop new innovative programmes and courses, while updating existing ones. AquaDactics is a virtual, cost efficient organization without office, equipment and personnel. We are established by and actively supported by the World Water Academy, who has a long-lasting experience in the Netherlands.

It is our vision that parallel to the capital investments for water (supply, wastewater and management), the development of the skillset for operation and maintenance of these precious assets needs to be addressed. There will be an increasing need for practical, well organized, quality training. Effective sharing of best practices will be best achieved by stimulating training “for professionals, by professionals”.

Commenting on this achievement, Agnes Maenhout (CEO AquaDactics and World Water Academy) said: "AquaDactics is very happy with the accreditation of EWSETA. It gives the acknowledgement of compliance to local quality standards. Public clients will be able to add the very practical trainings to their skills plan."

For more information about this Acreditation or AquaDactics you can visit the website or contact Agnes Maenhout +31 30 60 69 405.