Training in Kenya, a passionate Kenyan explores cooperation

World Water Academy newsletter item: Training in Kenia, a passionate Kenyan explores cooperation

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Two months ago I received an email of Mr Julius Pundo. Julius origins from Kenya and he is based in the Netherlands. He is connected to the Empower Together Kenya Foundation. As bilingual Julius intends to be a matchmaker between the haves and have-nots' and the knows and knowns'. Now he looks for partnership in the Netherlands with water institutes, colleges in water education or relevant water training centres. The Kenyan Water Institute-Kisumu Campus is 3 years old hence still needs a lot to make it fully functional. The cooperation could be in exchange programmes for the teachers & students, donation or laboratory equipment and any other necessary support that is possible. World Water Academy explores the cooperation with a local university to establish a water campus and to build a sustainable business model.

To be continued.

More information: Agnes Maenhout, or +31 30 60 69 405.