South African departmental officials benchmark Dutch training academy’s

World Water Academy newsletter item: South African departemental officials benchmark Dutch training academy's

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Last June a South African delegation had a paid study visit to World Waternet in the Netherlands. The delegates  work at the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and a visit to World Water Academy/AquaDactics  was part of the programme. On Wednesday 1 June, we welcomed Vincent Monene (Director Technical Engineering Services), Verusha Govender (Deputy Director Training Infrastructure Operations),  Lindiwe Sithole (Scientist Production,Water Use Efficiency) and Arlette Westerhof (HRM manager Waternet) at World Water Academy in Nieuwegein. The overall goal of the visit was the benchmark of a training centre.

Agnes Maenhout (managing director/CEO  and Johan Oost (project officer World Water Academy) presented the business model of the World Water Academy and discussed several topics, such as capacity development, talent management, life long learning and training needs. Our expert in e-learning, Nienke Elijzen covered the experience on E-learning and demonstrated our digital learning platform. Between the presentation there was a tour in the new building of KWR water recycle instute, where the World Water Academy is located.

The programme ended with a nice dinner in Utrecht. We hope we can help our South African partners with the set-up of their academy.

More information: Agnes Maenhout, or +31 30 60 69 405.

South African departemental officials benchmark Dutch training academy1