Skills and human assets in the House of the Future - Johannesburg

World Water Academy newsletter item: Skills and human assets in the House of the Future - Johannesburg

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What does it mean to look at your workforce (human assets) from the viewpoint of asset management?

This question formed the basis for the workshop Waterworx1. The workshop was part of the programme of the Dutch trade mission in South Africa last November. Anke Mastenbroek's keynote (RHDHV) shows the life cycle approximation for talents.

Subsequently, in six short pitches attention was given to innovation (Konanani Khorommbi, CMA Vaal) and Wim van Vierssen, KWR Water Research), implementation (Lester Goldman, Wisa and Otto Ferf Jentink, Waternet utility of Amsterdam), and management and maintenance (Shannon Davids, EWSeta and Agnes Maenhout, AquaDactics).

The 50 participants discussed and exchanged opinions in an interactive session. The results were summarised to the best ideas that answered the question ‘How would you implement the asset management approach for human assets?' The card with the four aspects -agreed sector occupations, designed professions, performance assessment and soft skills training- got the highest score. Capacity building, training and skills are high on the agenda and are starting to be implemented. The movie about the new South African NPC AquaDactics was shown at the end of the workshop.

The House of the Future, former Turbine Hall, in Johannesburg was the backdrop for the activities of the trade mission that visited South Africa from 16 till 20 November 2015. Together with Johan Oost, I, Agnes Maenhout, was part of the water delegation that was led by Henk Ovink. The sectors of logistics, health and agriculture were represented as well by over a hundred people from 70 different companies and organisations. The trade mission added lustre to Prime Minister Mark Rutte and State Secretary Martijn van Dam's visit to President Zuma of South Africa. It was the largest trade mission ever to visit South Africa.

Agnes Maenhout

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