Surinam delegation in Nieuwegein

World Water Academy newsletter item: Surinam delegation in Nieuwegein

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World Waternet in Amsterdam has a long-lasting cooperation with water-related institutes in Surinam. The water board of Nickerie is one of those institutes. Nickerie is the second largest town in the western part of the country and is confronted with several water challenges. Practical knowledge and a right attitude to tackle water-related problems is one of the most urgent challenges. The water board started the idea of founding a Nickerie Water Academy.

Wednesday 22nd of August a delegation from Surinam came to Nieuwegein to discuss their plan to start a Nickerie Water Academy. Otto Ferf Jentink and Koen Maathuis from World Waternet accompanied the delegation. Agnes Maenhout and Johan Oost presented World Water Academy, the vision of capacity development for the sector and the international activities. Potential cooperation has been discussed.

The Surinam delegation invited WWA to come over to Surinam to help with the feasibility study of founding a Nickerie Water Academy.

For more information: Johan Oost, or +31 30 60 69 417.

Surinam delegation in Nieuwegein