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2015 | No. 4 | October 2015
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Project meeting AquaVET in The Netherlands

World Water Academy (WWA) will be the hosting organization for the next project meeting of the AquaVET project. Partners from Greece, Spain and United Kingdom will come over to Utrecht for the meeting of 1,5 day.
WWA is currently developing a database for the existing material of water efficient technologies for plumbers. Read more

Meeting Swaziland Delegation September 2015

Meeting with the Swaziland delegation

The Department of Water Affairs of Swaziland and Vechtstromen Regional Water Authority of the Netherlands have established a twinning and cooperation relationship dating from the year 2009.  The goal of the cooperation is exchanging knowledge and strengthening the newly established River Basin Authorities in Swaziland.  Read more

Workshop ‘Best practices of Water Training Institutes’

World Water Academy (WWA) initiated a workshop for look-a-like water training institutes, with the subtitle: Exploring, networking and future cooperation'. Life-long learning of professionals in the water sector is key for a high quality of the sector. Continuous training after initial education is becoming more and more important. Every country has its own focus and set-up regarding life-long learning. We can learn from each other! Read more

Release Digital Learning Platform e-WWA

Release Digital Learning Platform e-WWA

World Water Academy launched her digital learning platform for international training  this summer.  The first pilot was part of  the ID-YWP@Work project.  We offer the participants in Indonesia a central digital platform where they can find all the materials of the training, the daily activities and extra information, such as tests and movies about the different topics. Read more

Start of wastewater knowledge exchange in Kosovo

Start of wastewater knowledge exchange in Kosovo

Kosovo, one of the newest countries in Europe, is the poorest country of the Balkan. It is appointed as a partner country of the European Union. This means that it should work towards meeting regulations and directions from the EU, also for water.

At this moment there are hardly no municipal wastewater treatment plants operating in Kosovo. Read more

Surinam delegation in Nieuwegein

Surinam delegation in Nieuwegein

World Waternet in Amsterdam has a long-lasting cooperation with water-related institutes in Surinam. The water board of Nickerie is one of those institutes. Nickerie is the second largest town in the western part of the country and is confronted with several water challenges. Practical knowledge and a right attitude to tackle water-related problems is one of the most urgent challenges. The water board started the idea of founding a Nickerie Water Academy. Read more

YWP program Indonesia in final stage

YWP program Indonesia in final stage

The Indonesian participants of the Master Class Young Water Professionals, part of the ID-YWP@Work project, will be awarded in the week of 19th of October. The participants, being 15 Young Water Professionals,  attended the Master Class to improve their management skills in managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects.  The Master Class consisted of  various modules delivered  between  October 2014 and October 2015. Read more

STOP TALKING, START DOING: YPW conference in South Africa

The conference's theme is: STOP TALKING, START DOING! World Water Academy (WWA) fully supports this theme and the vision. The reason to come to this theme is stated on the ZA YWP website: "This theme challenges us all to bring our skills and knowledge to the water sector ‘work bench' in order to implement practical and relevant solutions to shared challenges. Read more

Journal of Global Resources

Journal of Gobal Resources

'The Journal of Global Resources' is a new international journal published by the Institute of Sustainable Development, Environmental & Scientific Research, India ( The journal will cover all aspects of the earth resources like land, water, energy, forest, human resources etc. This journal will be published thrice a year. Ms Agnes Maenhout of World Water Academy is member of the Editorial Board. The first journalis issued in August and the second will be published in January 2016.



  • Awarding ceremony participants YWP Indonesia @Work in Jakarta
  • AquaVET meeting with European partners in Utrecht
  • Wetskills Water Challenge in The Netherlands (24 Oct - 6 Nov)


  • International Water Week & Aquatech in Amsterdam
  • Workshop Training Institutes for water, initiated by WWA
  • Launch AquaDactics in South Africa during visit Prime Minister Rutte
  • Contribution WWA in water delegation headed by Henk Ovink in Johannesburg and Durban
  • Participation SA YWP program by WWA in Pretoria
  • Wetskills Water Challenge in India (28 Nov - 11 Dec)


  • Short mission Centre of Expertise to Cape Town
  • AquaVET meeting in Madrid
  • Wetskills-South Africa 2016 (5-19 May)
  • Visit to WISA conference in Durban