Participants for Wetskills in The Netherlands

World Water Academy newsletter item: Participants for Wetskills in The Netherlands

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The International Water Week (IWW) in Amsterdam (1-6 Nov) will be the host for the Wetskills-The Netherlands Challenge.  Wetskills-The Netherlands 2015 is unique in its kind, since participants come from truly all over the world, to work together on exciting water cases provided by the water sector. Wetskills will be held in the run up to and during the IWW Amsterdam (24 Oct - 6 Nov 2015), like the editions of 2011 and 2013. Presentations of the results will be held during the Leaders Forum.

The Wetskills organization is looking for young professionals and students from all over the world who are interested to join this event in Amsterdam. The program fee is €525,--, including entrance to the IWW conference and accommodation in Amsterdam. The organization is striving to lower the costs. See the registration page.

World Water Academy is supporting to the Wetskills organization, led by our colleague Johan Oost. Last year the case of the winning team was formulated and supported by World Water Academy, see: poster and news item.

About Wetskills

During Wetskills, young professionals and students (final stage Bachelor, Master and PhD) cooperate with participants from all over the world in mixed and multidisciplinary teams of 4-5 people. The aim is to develop innovative concepts and solutions for study cases provided by the water sector. Cases are linked to themes within the Delta, Industrial or Utility Leaders Fora of the International Water Week in Amsterdam. An expert jury will select the ultimate winner at The Grand Finale.

The Challenge is a two-week pressure cooker. We start with a team-building trip of some days in order to meet each other. This includes field trips to water-related and cultural sites. An intensive period working on the assigned case study will follow. Experts on the cases will guide you during the weeks (starting with the BrainHurricane) and facilitate your team in finding your own innovative concept. During the second week you can visit Aquatech Exhibition, join the International Water Week including the Young Water Professional Programme.

Wetskills celebrates its first Jubilee this year! Since 2010, more than 250 water graduate students and young water professionals from more than 40 international universities and organizations have participated in Wetskills Water Challenges, held in twelve different countries: United States, Canada, Romania, the Netherlands, Mozambique, South Africa, Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Indonesia and China. More information, visit our new website:

For more information: Johan Oost (