Kickoff Capacity development project in Kosovo

World Water Academy newsletter item: Kickoff Capacity development project in Kosovo

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Wastewater Treatment, both municipal and industrial, is a big challenge in the new and upcoming country Kosovo (Eastern Europe). Kosovo is on the threshold of tackling the serious pollution of the surface water by foundation of Water companies and initiatives of industry and communities to realize wastewater treatment plants. Bottleneck in Kosovo is the limited know-how of wastewater treatment. Universities don't have proper curricula for this purpose and there are no courses for professionals in this sector. Due to this lack of know-how wastewater treatment plants already built are often not functioning because of a wrong design or insufficient knowledge to operate the plant.

PUM has planned and agreed to execute a new vocational education project in Kosovo. This project focusses on the introduction of a curriculum Wastewater Treatment at the University of Mitrovica for students, together with for professionals that already work on the wastewater treatment plants. World Water Academy has been requested to take part in this initiative.

The Seminar Wastewater Management and Treatment is the starting point. The programme and a first training of Basics of Wastewater Treatment has been developed by World Water Academy and PUM. The aims of the seminar are:

  • Training of experts, future teachers at universities and potential trainers for work field
  • Creating a network for with cooperation within Kosovo
  • Based on the network: further elaboration of the vocational education project

The seminar will be executed from 13-17 July 2015. The host is the University of Mitrovica and Bylmeti wastewater treatment plant. This project has been funded by RVO and PUM.

For more information: Johan Oost, or +31 30 60 69 417