Indonesia - a country full of surprises

World water Academy news item: Indonesia - a country full of surprises

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Finally the day had arrived! On the 8th of February  we flew to Jakarta. Something I had been looking forward to for a long time.

Last year we started working  on the ‘Young Water Professionals' project, together with Deltares and MDF. We developed a training programme for the young water professionals of the Indonesian government.  The goal of this project, funded by the Dutch government, is to broaden the skills in Water management .

After we arrived in Jakarta we were confronted by one of the water problems. Floods. A part of Jakarta was flooded because of heavy rainfall all day. As a result there was a long long line waiting for the cabs. It wasn't until I saw the news that night that I realised what an impact the rain had had. So much water in the streets. A chaos of cars and motorbikes trying to drive through it. And all this in the centre of the city.

Part of the programme for our visit this week was an e-learning workshop, something the Word Water Academy has gained a lot of experience in the past few years. On the day of the workshop it became apparent that only three people could attend. At their request we postponed the workshop to a later date.

I was pleasantly surprised to see thirty people were waiting for us on the newly planned date of the e-learning workshop! In a country where you have to cross such distances e-learning can offer great advantages. During the workshop we talked about the content of e-learning. What kind of options there are and how you can organize it. The workshop was a great success. The questions kept on coming. They even postponed the daily prayer so we could finish the programme. The biggest challenge now concerning e-learning in Indonesia is the internet connection, although this is improving every year.

The time went by so fast. Indonesia surprised and touched me. The mass of people in Jakarta is overwhelming. The heat felt like a warm blanket. The historical and colonial remains take you back  in time. This visit enriched me in so many ways. I hope our visit also enrich the participants, by contributing to the skills needed to face the water challenges in Indonesia.

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