Design a curriculum of a course on Water Treatment

World Water Academy newsletter item: Design a curriculum of a course on Water Treatment

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As a follow-up to the successfully developed Course Wastewater Treatment for Process Controllers in Durban, a similar course for water treatment will be developed in the city of Cape Town. The experience of the development and delivery in Durban will be the blueprint of the project in Cape Town.

The first step of the project is the design of the curriculum of the course and the modules. World Water Academy will be the project leader, provides the design and the didactical expertise. The City of Cape Town will provide local experts in water treatment to develop the first module. Vitens-Evides International will provide expertise from the Netherlands.

The activities will be realized in a short mission. The activities will be:

  • Course curriculum design
  • Development of the first module
  • Introduction of Training of Trainers

The course development project will be executed under the umbrella of the Centre of Expertise in South Africa.

For more information:
Agnes Maenhout, or +31 30 60 69 405
Johan Oost, or +31 30 60 69 417

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