GWP-Day: Capacity Development (October 15 of 2014)

World Water Academy newsletter item: GWP-Day-Capacity Development (October 15 of 2014)

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The Berliner Wasserwerke was the ambiance of the 2nd Capacity Building  Day in the water sector of the German Water Partnership (GWP). The programme of the day was dedicated to the best practices in the German international cooperation, and especially the coordination of German activities was shown. The German international policy in capacity development in water is described in this report.

However the event was in Germany, fully in German and about German policy, the similarity to the Netherlands was amazing. Capacity building is just now starting to become a serious element of international cooperation. Training the people to take care of the water may be the most important task we, as western countries, can bring to other people. The Train the trainer approach of WorldWater Academy is comparable to the approach of the German Wasser Association.  Food for further cooperation with our German colleagues.